About Us

The Department of Children and Youth operates under the guidance of the City Manager's Office. The department was established after the passage of Measures E, K, and H in the City of Richmond in 2018.

Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities of the Department of Children and Youth include:

 Administrator: Administering the grant program in alignment with Measures E & K and Board direction

 Advocate: Working to advocate for services, adequate funding, etc. for children and youth supported by this Fund

 Collaborator: Collaborating with various governmental, faith-based, CBOs, philanthropy and community organizations to support work in the community and ensure that children and youth needs are met

 Convener: Holding space for City interdepartmental meetings, as well as cross-entity meetings to discuss service delivery, opportunities for collaboration, etc.

 Evaluator: Developing and implementing a process to evaluate and/or support the evaluation of grantees, the grant process, collaborative work with other entities, and the program. The Department of Children and Youth will help collect and analyze meaningful data and use the evaluation process to document the collective impact of the Fund.

 Funder: Developing and administering the grant program in alignment with the Community Needs Assessment and Strategic Investment Plan

 Supporter: Providing support to the Oversight Board (e.g. assist with board recruitment, retention, development, training, agenda setting, meeting facilitation, etc.)