2021 Community Survey

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Every two years since 2007, the City of Richmond has conducted a community survey to help city officials evaluate services, measure resident satisfaction/use of current service, benchmark ratings for services provided by the City, and help plan for RIchmond's future. In 2021, residents were able to respond to the survey in 2 ways:

  • Random Survey: Surveys were mailed out to 8,200 randomly selected and geographically dispersed Richmond households. A total of 453 completed surveys were obtained providing a 6% margin of error.
  • Open Survey: We also provided an opportunity for ALL residents to provide feedback through an online survey that could be completed in English or Spanish. A total of 418 completed surveys were obtained.

2021 Survey Results

The staff report highlights some of the information found in the 2021 Richmond Community Survey Report. The report is also provided online via Tableau (The NCS report on Tableau).

The 2021 survey results can be further analyzed by disaggregating the data based on demographic and geographic markers and comparing Richmond’s results to other jurisdictions. 

  • Demographic/Community Characteristics: Look at data based on age, sex, race/ethnicity, housing tenure, housing type, length of residency, and presence of kids or seniors in household
  • Geographic Comparisons: The results from the random survey can be viewed by area.

2021 Community Survey Map

Using the online Tableau tool and clicking on the "Comparisons" tab allows you to look at survey results from the Random survey based on demographic/community characters or geography.

2021 Community Survey - Tableau