2017 Community Survey


Every two years since 2007, the City of Richmond has conducted a community survey to help city officials evaluate services, measure resident satisfaction/use of current services, benchmark ratings for services provided by the City, and help plan for Richmond’s future. In 2017, surveys were mailed out to 3,000 randomly selected and geographically dispersed Richmond households. We also provided an opportunity for ALL residents to provide feedback through an online survey that could be completed in English or Spanish. A total of 568 completed surveys were obtained (mail-in and online) with a margin error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.

2017 Survey Results

  1. Guide to Understanding and Using Your Reports - The Guide to Understanding and Using Your Reports is written simply so that the City receive guidance about how to understand all aspects of the reports, and also so that City can explain to others how the reports are organized and what they mean.
  2. Trends over Time - This report offers a high level view of how City of Richmond resident perspectives and behaviors have changed from 2007 to 2017. The report also reveals how the City’s rankings have changed as relative position to the national benchmark.
  3. Community Livability Report - This report is the most universal and summarizes all the results and key findings. The Community Livability Report is brief, attractive and accessible, making it a central public document. The majority of results are compared to a national benchmark.
  4. Dashboard Summary of Findings - This report offers a simplified (“rolled up”) quantitative view of the data, as well as comparison details for each question (the relationship to the national benchmark and over time,).
  5. Demographic Subgroup Report - This report disaggregates the survey results by (1) number of years in Richmond, (2) household, (3) race, (4) ethnicity and (5) age
  6. Geographic Comparison Report - This report disaggregates the survey results based on 7 clusters of neighborhoods
  7. Technical Appendices - The appendices include the details about survey methods, individual response options selected for each question – with and without the “don’t know” option – and detailed benchmark results. This document speaks to the credibility of data and the most granular detail of results.