Capital Improvement Program

Approved Capital Improvements Projects for fiscal year 2020-2021

  • 13th Street Complete Streets Project - traffic safety, traffic calming, bicycle, and pedestrian streetscape improvement project funded by Measure J Transportation For Livable Communities grant.
  • 23rd Street Traffic Signal Interconnect - synchronizing traffic signals on the 23rd Street corridor.
  • 37th Street Improvements - This project is substantially complete and includes pedestrian and bicycle-oriented safety improvements along 37th Street between Center Street and Cerrito Avenue, including bicycle lanes, upgraded curb ramps, and pedestrian count down signals at the intersections with Macdonald and Barrett Avenues. Partially funded by a Highway Safety Improvement grant.
  • ADA Curb Ramp & Right-of-Way Upgrades - An annual program dedicated to complying with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) within the street right-of-way. Upgrade or install reported curb ramp deficiencies, repair reported sidewalk, curb, and gutter damaged by City owned trees, install missing sidewalks to eliminate pedestrian access barriers.
  • Bay Trail: Goodrick Avenue Gap Closure - This project includes design and construction of a segment of San Francisco Bay Trail along Goodrick Avenue and will connect the existing multi-use path along the Richmond Parkway with a new segment of bay trail in Point Pinole Regional Shoreline Park. 
  • Bay Trail: Point Richmond to Point Molate - Complete a Project Study Report to determine a feasible alternative that will provide safer bicycle/pedestrian access on the San Francisco Bay Trail from Point Richmond to Point Molate without the use of the I-580 shoulder.     
SF Bay Trail Fact Sheet
SF Bay Trail Presentation to Design Review Board 5/23/12
SF Bay Trail Public Meeting 12/1/11
SF Bay Trail Community Workshop 1/25/11  
SF Bay Trail Community Workshop Press Release 
SF Bay Trail Bicycle & Pedestrian Action Committee Presentation 12/13/10
  • Carlson Boulevard Crosstown Connection - Funded by a grant from the Safe Routes to Transit program, this project will install bike lanes, build curb ramps, upgrade pedestrian crosswalks, and improve pedestrian and bicycle access to bus stops and BART stations. 
  • Castro Ranch Road Paving - Roadway improvement project using an innovative and environmentally friendly "cold in-place recycling" pavement treatment, where the removed asphalt is processed and reused on site. Project will include continuous bike lanes, pedestrian safety elements, and minor drainage improvements. Construction starts May 2021.
  • Cutting-Carlson Phase II Improvements (at Union Pacific Railroad Crossing) - Pedestrian safety project that will build a continuous sidewalk through the railroad crossing on the south side of Cutting Blvd including installing detectable warning surfaces, extending the curb, and installing curb ramps. Project is largely complete
  • Harbour and Cutting Quick-Build Projects - Two quick-build bicycle and pedestrian improvements that may be constructed simultaneously. Located on Harbour Way South, Hoffman Boulevard, and Cutting Boulevard, which are on-street segments of the Bay Trail. A continuous protected bike lane ("cycletrack") will connect the Richmond Ferry Terminal to Point Richmond and the Richmond/San Rafael Bridge bike/ped path. Projects will include sidewalk and pedestrian crossing improvements. Funded by several grants.
  • I-80 Central Avenue Interchange Improvements Phase II - This project is the second in a two phase effort to improve traffic congestion in the I-580/I-80/Central Avenue area. Phase I included signalization of intersections and the installation of variable message signs (VMS). Phase II, the local roads realignment project, will improve traffic flow along Central Avenue by increasing the spacing between signalized intersections and reducing the backup of through traffic along Central Avenue by eliminating left turns onto Pierce Street. 
  • Quiet Zones Railroad Crossing Improvements - Analyze noise and safety concerns and construct the appropriate improvements at railroad crossings so these locations can move towards qualifying as quiet zones.
  • Richmond Greenway Gap Study - development of a plan for short and long term solutions to connect the east and west ends of the Richmond Greenway by addressing the gap between 23rd Street and Carlson Blvd
  • Richmond Wellness Trail - Construction starts April 2021. Health and wellness-oriented bicycle and pedestrian project on Marina Way South and 16th Street. Envisioned through the National Parks Urban Agenda, implementation led by the Trust for Public Land, grant funding from the California Natural Resources Agency. See Richmond Wellness Trail Plan Page See Trust for Public Land Project Page
  • San Pablo Avenue Complete Streets - In partnership with the City of San Pablo and partially funded by a One Bay Area Grant, this project constructed sidewalks, bicycle lanes, lighting improvements, and signal modifications along San Pablo Avenue. Project was designed from Rivers Avenue (San Pablo) to Hilltop Drive (Richmond) but was truncated at La Puerta Road (Richmond) during construction. City is seeking funding to complete work between La Puerta Road and Hilltop Drive.  Final Study Report
  • Surface Drainage Improvements - Designing and constructing surface drainage improvements, such as repairing damaged curb and gutter that causes ponding, reducing isolated flooding areas, and stopping groundwater seepage. It is not City policy to install missing curbs unless the current configuration causes drainage and/or erosion problems. 
  • Traffic Safety Improvements Program - Addresses minor traffic safety improvements throughout the city. Major traffic safety improvements will be developed as separate CIP projects.
  • Yellow Brick Road - Community-driven active transportation and complete streets project in the Iron Triangle neighborhood. See planning documents