Richmond Promise Ad Hoc Committee


In an effort to encourage community and expert input on the development of the Richmond Promise program and to create a transparent process, the Richmond Promise Ad Hoc Committee was formed at the direction of the Richmond City Council at their meeting on June 16, 2015, and 15 members were appointed and approved at their meeting on June 23, 2015.  Richmond Promise Ad Hoc Committee members will serve from the date of approval until August 31, 2015, or after six meetings, whichever comes first.  The Richmond Promise is a scholarship program funded with a $35 million investment from Chevron as a result of the Chevron Environmental & Community Investment Agreement (ECIA) approved by the Council on July 29, 2014. 

  • Meetings dates and times - TBA
  • Meeting location - 450 Civic Center Plaza - Richmond Room
  • Terms end 8/31/2015, or after six meetings, whichever comes first
  • 15 Committee Members




Term Begin


Term End

Kimberly Aceves06/23/201508/31/2015
Angelica Arriaga06/23/201508/31/2015
Anna Blackman06/23/2015 08/31/2015
Robert Bunce06/23/201508/31/2015
Karen Leong Fenton06/23/201508/31/2015
George Fruehan06/23/201508/31/2015
Joel Mackey06/23/201508/31/2015
Dana Keith Mitchell, Sr.06/23/2015 08/31/2015 
Mike Parker06/23/2015 08/31/2015 
Michael Peritz06/23/201508/31/2015
Mister Phillips06/23/201508/31/2015
Michael Ray06/23/201508/31/2015 
Kathleen Sullivan06/23/2015 08/31/2015 
Tyrone Weems06/23/201508/31/2015 
Kyra Worthy06/23/201508/31/2015