Personnel, Recruiting, and Training

The Personnel, Recruiting and Training (PR&T) Unit is responsible for the recruitment and hiring of sworn and professional support staff for the Richmond Police Department.   In partnership with City of Richmond Human Resources, PR&T administers each step of the hiring process for future employees of the Richmond Police Department.

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The PR&T Unit is also responsible for various administrative functions within the police department, including the development of training plans to provide continuous and quality training, procurement of equipment to ensure the safety and preparedness of RPD staff, and compliance maintenance with the California Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST).  Additionally, the unit is involved with management of the RPD budget as it relates to the writing, review, and maintenance of relevant contracts and grants.



Personnel, Recruiting and Training Manager
Lieutenant D. Reina
Monday - Thursday, 0600 - 1600

Personnel, Recruiting and Training Supervisor
Sergeant M. Bailey
Monday - Thursday, 0900 - 1900

Personnel, Recruiting, and Training Officers
Officer G. Lewis
Monday - Thursday, 0800 - 1800