Public Education

The Richmond Fire Department is committed to the fire and life safety education of our citizens.
 Despite a long-term downward trend, the United States continues to have one of the highest fire death rates per capita in the world. Part of the reason for this is the lack of adequate public fire education nationwide. It is a proven fact that educating the public in matters of fire and life safety reduces casualties.
 The goal of the Richmond Fire Department is to ensure that all of our citizens, from toddlers to senior citizens, will learn the proper actions to take in a sudden fire or life emergency. We have a myriad of programs and tools to accomplish this goal. Our Operations Division and Prevention Bureau are committed to ensuring that no citizen in our community suffers fire injury or death due to lack of knowledge or preparation.

Richmond Junior Fire Department Program


This program consists of assemblies at Richmond schools and curriculum focusing on fire hazards in the home.  The students are assigned a take home project that consists of making a Fire Safety Scrapbook.  Through the program, children will learn fire chemistry and how to recognize and correct fire hazards in the home.  This valuable fire prevention program is brought to children and their families through the sponsorship of Chevron/ Richmond Refinery in conjunction with FireSafe Richmond.  

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From U.S. Fire Administration and National Fire Protection Association: