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 Our goals in the Employment & Training Department are to

  • Serve the needs of job seekers and employers in the city of Richmond by working with the city, business, education, economic development, labor, and community organizations to develop innovative way to identify and address those needs
  • Ensure a continuum of education and training opportunities that support a skilled workforce
  • Provide youth the opportunity to achieve career goals through education and workshop training
  • Support the success of local businesses through a range of direct services
  • Provide contract compliance review and support in implementing City policies around local hire, local contracting, and minimum wage


RichmondWORKS connects workforce opportunities by providing occupational training and job search/placement assistance to the  job seeker and staffing and hiring assistance to local business.  Visit our RichmondWORKS webpage to learn how our exceptional services will benefit you!

YouthWORKS connects at-risk Richmond youth (ages 14-24) to career development, training, employment and academic support.  Visit our YouthWORKS webpage to learn more about elevating your career/job goals and how local business will benefit by hiring a youth!

RichmondBUILD is focused on developing talent and skill in the high growth, high wage construction and renewable energy fields.  Visit our RichmondBUILD webpage for further details.

Contract Compliance reviews contracts for compliance with city ordinances and provides support in implementing city policies around local hire, local contracting, and minimum wage.  Visit our Contract Compliance webpage


* If you "Have Been Laid Off", "Receiving Unemployment" or "Exhausted Unemployment", We Can Help at No Cost to You!  For more information, view A Successful Pathway for a Career Achievement & Job Placement

Contact Us

For additional information or to provide comments, please contact us at 510-307-8062.

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