The following is a generic schedule of KCRT's weekly lineup, starting October 9, 2023.  

For more details, view Xfinity's TV schedule on your television. 


12:00 AM    Sidewalks Entertainment

12:30 AM    Sidewalks Entertainment

 1:00 AM    Smart Movie Show

1:30AM      Colour in Your Life

 2:00 AM    Classic Arts Showcase

 3:00 AM    Creature Features

 5:00 AM    KCRT's Datanet (On-Air Billboard)

 6:00 AM    Agendas

 7:00 AM    KCRT's NewsBytes

 8:00 AM    KCRT's Datanet (On-Air Billboard)

 8:30 AM    Yoga For Health and Joy

 9:00 AM    Movie

11:00 AM    KCRT's Datanet (On-Air Billboard)

11:30 AM    Yoga For Health and Joy

12:00 PM    Agendas

 1:00 PM    Classic Arts Showcase

 2:00 PM    KCRT's NewsBytes

 3:00 PM    Best of California

 3:30 PM    The Jet Set

 4:00 PM    Sidewalks Entertainment

 4:30 PM    Sidewalks Entertainment

 5:00 PM    Agendas    

 6:00 PM    KCRT's NewsBytes

 7:00 PM    Smart Movie Show

 7:30 PM    Sidewalks Entertainment

 8:00 PM    KCRT's NewsBytes

 9:00 PM    Agendas    

10:00 PM    Creature Features