Train Quiet Zones

Quiet Zones for Trains

Routine sounding of train horns is prohibited at designated "quiet zone" rail crossings. Maps of the City's quiet zones are available in pdf format:

City-wide Quiet Zones, North One, South One West One, West Two, West Three, West Four, West Five and recently established West Six .

Once a quiet zone is established, however, it does not mean that trains can never sound their locomotive horns. If locomotive engineers determine that an emergency exists that threatens human or animal injury or property damage they can sound their horn.


You should fill out a report if you think a train has sounded its horn in violation of a quiet zone: Train Quiet Zone Complaint Form. It is important to identify the crossing, engine number, day and time, length of horn sound, and where were you located when the violation occurred, if at all possible. For liability reasons, do not enter upon railroad property to track down the engine number. The complaint will be kept on file with the City and forwarded to the appropriate railroad and the Federal Railroad Administration with a request to take action.

In addition, the Richmond Municipal Code now provides that train horns, whistles, sirens, bells, and other similar audible warning devices are exempt from the Community Noise Ordinance, but only to the extent that such warning devices are permitted or required by Federal or State Law. Therefore, the unnecessary use of train warning devices are prohibited and subject to enforcement actions by the City.