Richmond Municipal Identification / Stored Value Card

Richmond City Hall is now open to the public and in-person applications to apply or renew the Richmond City ID are now available by appointment only. Please visit to schedule an online or in-person appointment to apply for or renew your Richmond City ID.  City residents with an expired Richmond City ID can also process a self-renewal application online by visiting the Online Self Renewal webpage.

El Ayuntamiento de Richmond está abierto al público y las citas en persona para aplicar o renovar la identificación de la ciudad de Richmond están disponibles con cita previa. Visite para programar una cita en línea o en persona para aplicar o renovar su identificación de la ciudad de Richmond. Los residentes con una identificación vencida de la ciudad de Richmond pueden procesar una aplicación de renovación automática en línea visitando la página web de renovación automática en línea.


Municipal ID Card Program

SF Global LLC is the contractor that will administer this Municipal ID Card Program, which will provide residents with an official form of identification. This Municipal ID is recognized by the Richmond Police Department, commercial establishments, and other local, regional, and state agencies.


The Richmond City Council approved Ordinance No. 16-11 N.S., amending chapter 2.64, Article II, of the Richmond Municipal Code authorizing a Municipal Identification program to provide for the issuance of Municipal ID cards to residents of the City of Richmond for the purpose of improving public safety, increasing civic participating, and supporting local commerce.

The City believes that the Richmond Municipal ID Card (ID card) will make it easier for all Richmond residents to participate in local and regional commerce and that it will fill a void by providing an official form of personal identification for many Richmond residents who currently lack one. It is the City’s intent that ID card will provide residents with a means of proving their residency in the City, for the purpose of accessing City programs, services and activities, as well as helping to substantiate their identity to law enforcement personnel. Residents may also have the ability to utilize their ID card as a pre-paid debit card.


Richmond Ordinance No. 16-11
Executed Agreement between the City of Richmond and SF Global, LLC for the Operation and Management of the City of Richmond Municipal Identification Program

Contact Information

LaShonda White
Deputy City Manager
City Manager’s Office
(510) 620-6512