Administrative Services Division

Services Provided
The Administrative Services Division provides a wide range of functions that directly support the public, other city departments and technical staff.  This division is the department’s primary point of contact that manages all ongoing interactions between the department and other major city departments such as the City Manager’s office, Human Resources Management Department and the Finance Department.


The Administrative Services Division provides direct staff support to the Public Works Director.  This division directs and coordinates all administrative functions of Public Works including budgetary preparation and fiscal control, general orientation and training of personnel, safety and accident prevention programs, grant and contract administration, and preparation and implementation of departmental and city policies. 

The Administrative Services Division provides general administrative support to all divisions of Public Works.  This division is the liaison coordinate administrative activities between and among the divisions to ensure continuity, consistency and management oversight for the day-to-day administrative functions.

Additional responsibilities includes review and approval of credit card purchases; requisitions review for consistency with City policy for approval for purchase order conversion; management and administration of contracts using specialty funding sources specific to the department; preparation and approval of City Council agenda documents; planning and organization of administrative studies relating to operations; and is responsible for analyzing alternatives and making recommendations regarding organizational structure, budget development and administration, staffing, facilities, equipment, cost analysis, productivity, policy or procedure modifications for the department.